Wild Animal Sightings 


This idea was presented to me from a group of kids at the lake.  Their ages range from Middle School to High School age, and  they have been fascinated with stories of the variety of animals that have been seen near here.   

This is for you Garrett & Luke! 



A little explanation for below:  The "Facts" are from the Michigan DNR office in Baldwin.  The "Sightings" are as told to me by individuals, but NOT confirmed by the DNR.  

       BEARS     Facts 
       COYOTES    Facts
         PUMA / MT. LION 
       WOLVES     Facts
       BALD EAGLES     Facts  
       DEER      Facts 
     WILD TURKEY     Facts   
        Sightings - reported by nearly everyone, every where around  
     the lake, and in the vicinity.
    ** Some of these animals listed above we may fear, because we do not know how to live with them, and we are not used to having them in our area, because at one time some were near extinction around the area.  I visited the DNR office in town here (BALDWIN) to question them and gather information which they gave me to post here on this web site about how to live side by side with the animals some of us may fear.  
  For additional information on any of these animals see the following two sites: 



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