DEER - Sightings/Pictures
NOT confirmed by the DNR


  March 19, 2011  Temps were about 45 degrees.  Thought the lake would not be solid enought for these SEVEN Deer.  But they came running across the lake from the west side to the front of my cottage on the south east side.  They stoped, looked around for a long time and then ran across the lake going north west toward the Camp.  You could hear them so clearly as they ran across the lake.  We were afraid to watch thinking they may fall through and we wouldn't know what to do about it.  (picture take by Ron DeVries via cell phone)

Chuck lives north of the lake in the woods.  He has a motion activated digital camera that has captured  pictures of several Deer.  Pictures














My Dad and I went looking for deer Tuesday evening, August 13. We drove around Gleason's Landing and the farm fields just a little north and west of Evergreen Chapel. We counted 101 deer! About eight were bucks. My dad also saw a Bald Eagle fly by our rental cottage on the north side of the west bay and I saw a Pileated Woodpecker!
Hannah V.H.



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