Blue Horizon 


Above picture dated 1920's, Submitted by: Dave Mahaney


Above pictures are from the 1930's.  Submitted by: Dave Mahaney
A "Then & Now"  view,  "now" is in color.





    Picture from:  Rod Galbreath;  Rod states that he thinks the car looks like about 1937  

I can remember my folks and our family & friends being at Blue Horizon when World War II ended.  My uncle Bill who passed away a year ago and whose wife Evelyn still lives on the lake was on leave from the army.  He had rented a horse and was in the campground when the fire trucks and sirens came by declaring the end of the war.  The horse took off real fast with him on it.  It was a big celebration in the camp that night.  It was something I will never forget.
We used to roller skate all the time at the Bowery.  That was the hangout for all the kids on the lake and it was so sad when it burned down.  We used to watch the butcher cut meat at the Bowery grocery store and pump gas out front.  Those were the good years.
Blue Horizon was a thriving grocery store with a laundry mat next door.  That was so convenient.  My folks had a cottage behind the chapel and I stayed there all summer with my Grandmother and walk to Blue Horizon to get groceries and walk back to the cottage.
Blue Horizon had a resort across the street from Bozo's and that is where we were staying at the time of my story.  Bozo's was the grocery store, and the Laundromat was attached to the side of the store.
 Tigglemans had the first inboard boat on the lake, and they tipped over in front of our dock and my Dad and my husband helped get them out.  Also one summer we were on the lake with our boat and was pulling a winter toboggan on the back.  We were having a blast on the lake.  Then Dick DeVoe made a water toboggan and patented it.  But it was us that started it.
Lorna Lubbers



 I am enjoying this website.  Thanks for starting it.

 I now own one of the former Blue Horizon cabins.  I heard years ago they were purchased and skidded accross the ice (1920's??) to there current location.  This from the daughter of the owner in the sixties.  Having remodeled one of the cabins, the construction was of oak when 2"x4" really ment 2"x4".  The property still has the foundations of the old outhouses.

I have friends who have seen bobcats on the trail behind Bozo's.  I have seen them a couple miles to the north while out shinnig deer.

Dave Mahaney
Hudsonville, MI




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