BLACK BEAR - Sightings
NOT confirmed by the DNR.  


1 April 2011 - Friday;  I was out walking my dogs in the morning and saw bear tracks. They went all the way up our driveway and around the cottage.  They had to have come the night before, or very early Friday morning.


Friday April 1, 2011  picture by Ron & Luann DeVries, 
These were taken with a cell phone. 




 On June 23, 2007; one was reported along the Lake near where Van Blaarcom Road meets Star Lake Rd. crossing form the lake side going into the woods at around 11:00 am. In the morning.  It was a good sized BEAR but not exactly sure how large.




A woman from Town named ‘Kim’ reports that a large – nearly a 400 pound Black Bear lives around her house up near Evergreen, just north of the lake. It once it even climbed up on her house! 




Several sightings up near IRONS, Cheryl who works in town tells how her husband was driving down “37” at night and nearly hit, (just missing) a very large 400-500 pound BEAR as it crossed his path.  He had to swerve, and barely missed it.




Chuck lives north of the lake in the woods.  He has a motion activated digital camera that has captured several pictures of Bear, of various sizes.  Pictures














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