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Pictures take by Carrie Sparks Monday 14 July 2008

Pictures take by Carrie Sparks Monday 14 July 2008

It is SOOO true about bald eagles at Big Star!!!  I was in AWE when I saw one Monday evening!   I was out on the dock while my daughter was swimming.  Upon walking back to the beach area, I looked up towards some trees as I heard some crows cawing.  It was then that I saw this beautiful bird perched in this giant pine tree!!!  AMAZING!!!!!!

 on South is midway between your #7 and #13 on your map of Big Star Lake.   It was right on the water......I was on the dock..facing the beach....and it was just to my left:)   

~Carrie Sparks  



Fishermen on the lake tell me that the Bald Eagles have a nest high in the trees on the hill at the Camp "Odd Fellow and Rebecca".



My Dad and I went looking for deer Tuesday evening, August 13. We drove around Gleason's Landing and the farm fields just a little north and west of Evergreen Chapel. We counted 101 deer! About eight were bucks. My dad also saw a Bald Eagle fly by our rental cottage on the north side of the west bay and I saw a Pileated Woodpecker!

 Hannah V.H.



A few months ago I was frustrated because I was following a very slow driver going down S. Star Lake Dr. All of a sudden I looked up to see what was making the big shadow. It was a Bald Eagle. He was just landing in a tree near Snug Harbor and S. Star Lake Dr. Also while talking to a neighbor on Kater Crt near the lake, he mentioned how he was watching a Bald Eagle flying over the lake. I didn't know how to add to the sightings so I thought I'd tell you. This was my first time ever seeing a Bald Eagle that was not in the Zoo.

 Debbie D. (Friday 25 April 2008)




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