WOLF - Sightings/Spottings
NOT Confirmed (by the MDNR)




Spotted in early October 2006, on the dirt road “Peacock” near where it comes into 76th St. , it was slowly walking across the road going from the East to the West.  At first I thought it was a Coyote or fox, never thought it would be a WOLF!  But it was much larger than a fox, and it carried its tail in the way a wolf would, straight out when it walked.  We pulled the car along side the road to try and get a glimpse of where it may have gone.  It was about 10 feet off the road behind some trees.  I could get a good look at it but not a good picture, as the only camera I had on me at the time was my cell phone. 



Tom and I swear we saw a wolf walking down the side of 76th just past the golf course. It was very large but Tom says there are no wolves here that it must have been a very well fed coyote.

                                  Debbie D. (received - Friday 25 April 2008)

Some say this is a Wolf, others say the snout is too long and has to be a Coyote.  You decide.... picture was taken along Osborn Rd. on the south side of the lake.




  The Above picture was taken by Debbie Duffy.  


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