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Due to the large interest and success in the Big Star Lake History site, neighbors from nearby lakes have also expressed interest in a similar for other lakes.  This site is the idea of  -Cheryl. 


This picture was taken behind the Marton cottage on Gifford Lake around 1952.  My husband, his father and brother (Jim, Andrew and Stan) are pictured.  - Cheryl 
  The following pictures are from Paul:


The above 3 pictures are from Gifford lake about 1938 .This is my grandfather Paul Veniger in front of the cottage that is still standing and has been joined by the cottage next door that use to be own by  Emmet Mc Mullen. there neighbor were Andy Marton and now his daughter  and her husband Ralph and Mary Ann Schneider vacation there with there sons. the young girl is Barbara Veniger Marble. Check out the fish .from the stories I was told  you could catch dinner in 15 minutes back when there where only 4 cottages up there. My grandfather could have bought the whole lake for $500 back then and since we were coming out of a depression money was tight and he thought it was to risky.  


Paul also reminisces: my mother started going up there back in 1938 as a kid , as a teenager and an adult I was sad that we had to sell since our family one of the first on the lake. Andy martin daughter many ann. is still going up to the cottage and splits the time with her 2 sons,our cottage and the one next door the new owners combined the 2 and I heard its for sale. p.s I sure miss blue moon ice cream .



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