COYOTE - Sightings
NOT confirmed by the DNR. 

Cottage owners on the South side of the lake, just off the ‘Snug Harbor Rd.’ who are remodeling their cottage, say their builder took a picture of a Coyote this past winter of 2006/7.  I will post the picture when I receive it.



Another cottage owner on the South side of the lake in the near area of "Snug Harbor" saw a Coyote in 2005.



A Woman working in a Baldwin office building says they see Coyote's all the time around her home on the  north side of the lake.



Tom and I swear we saw a wolf walking down the side of 76th just past the golf course. It was very large but Tom says there are no wolves here that it must have been a very well fed coyote.

                        Debbie D. (Friday 25, April 2008)



Four of us were coming home on Sunday evening August 5, 2008 and going around the lake on the South East side, just going around the sharp cure, Don our driver saw it and at first thought it was a dog.  But it was gray and the legs were too long for a dog. 

                      Don, Nicole, Jody, Luann (Sunday 5 August 2008)



Harold saw a coyote at 7:15pm September 12, Friday while driving his car on Snug Harbor road.  Ron was walking the dog and Harold said he had just scared one away about 100 yards from the end of our drive way just before Ron got there, it was headed toward Ron.

                            Harold, & Ron (Friday, 7:15pm September 12, 2008



Lori called me and said she just saw a Coyote where Snug Harbor Rd. and Winchester Rd. meet about 5:30pm - July 2010



Some say the following is a Wolf, others say Coyote...

  Above picture provided by Debbie Duffy, just off of Osborn Rd.  

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