Pictures from the 1940's

       The following pictures were taken by Minising Point cottages:

Jo Laansma prepares to go casting for bass in 1940 (1937 Chevy in background)

Mr. & Mrs. Wheeler and Freckles by the Guy Husband cottage “The Dot”
The Wheelers managed the Husband cottages in the 1930s & 1940s
This cottage was owned by Ken Jipping in 2003 when Jack & Sharon Laansma rented it

The horses were rented from The Bowery in about 1944 by Marvin & Bea Laansma and Miriam Hall

Jo Laansma on the Husband cottages boardwalk in about 1947

Ella Ryskamp and Jo Laansma in about 1948 ready for Chapel

(Thank you to John/Jack & Sharon Laansma for the above pictures)

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